Like you, we get recharged by spending hours in solitude, testing our endurance and resilience on the road and on the trail. We have ridden bikes on at least three continents and we love the spirit of exploration and renewal that only cycling can satisfy for us.

But we’ve seen the risks first hand. We have been bumped off the road by aggressive or inattentive drivers and we’ve had close scrapes with wildlife. We’ve been caught out in terrible weather, and have had more than a few run-ins with the asphalt. Some of our friends have been knocked unconscious on the roadside or on the trail, only to wake up in the emergency room.

Our planning process takes into consideration every aspect of care while you’re out exploring. As part of our Estate Planning for Cyclists Program™ we will guide you through the process of identifying the best decision makers to address your medical, dietary, and spiritual needs, and equip them with the authority they need to help you in case of emergency. As part of your complete estate planning service, we include:

  • Your choice of RoadID or ICE dot device, with interactive membership in RoadID’s online emergency response service, (include links to RoadID and ICE dot sites);
  • Comprehensive medical care documents if you are unconscious and unable to communicate:
    • Designating the decision makers you choose,
    • Outlining the medical, dietary, spiritual, and other needs unique to you,
    • Providing for the proper care and maintenance of your equipment,
    • Providing recreational activities for you in the event you do not fully recover,
    • And much more…

Contact us today to start a planning process designed with you in mind.

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