Collaboration, Co-Counsel, & Consulting

Individuals and families are best served when they have a group of objective advisors working together to create solutions. We are committed to collaboration and we are always looking to build productive relationships with CPAs, financial advisors, appraisers, insurance professionals, and other attorneys. We enjoy collaborative teaching and writing, and we enjoy collaborating with other professionals who share our commitment to excellence and growth.

We are available and eager to provide co-counsel or consulting services to other attorneys around the country. We follow your lead in structuring the relationship. Some attorneys want us to interface with them and their clients in a traditional co-counsel arrangement. Others prefer that we remain invisible and provide consulting services to the attorney. We’re glad to structure it either way. Regardless of how we structure our consulting or co-counsel arrangement with you, we always strive to reinforce your relationship with your clients; we have no interest in taking clients away. Of course, we also welcome client referrals if that works best for you and the client.

We always prefer to work on estate planning engagements on a fixed-fee basis. In order to do that as your co-counsel or consulting attorneys, we need to be involved in analyzing strategies before you establish a fee agreement with your client. We also do occasionally work on an hourly basis and bill according to our then-current hourly rates.

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