Matthew McClintock and Jonathan Mintz

Jonathan and I have been friends for many years. We’ve worked together, grown companies together, and we’ve ridden bicycles across France, South Africa, and much of the United States together.

In October 2016 we hatched an idea that was the beginning of Evergreen Legacy Planning. We envisioned forming a law firm based in Colorado, serving both Colorado and Southern California, focused on the areas of law we know really well: estate planning, trust design & implementation, asset protection, business startup and management, and strategic international tax planning. But we knew we wanted a different kind of law practice from others we’ve seen.

Certainly all attorneys seek to provide excellent service to their clients, and we do the same. But we structured our firm to bring our life’s passions into our life’s callings. We want to know our clients well, counting clients foremost as friends. This is one of the reasons why we have a few unusual practice areas as we blend our personal interests with our legal services:

  • Estate planning for families. We’re both family guys. We’re both married, and we each have two daughters. We know how hard parenting is, and how important it is to guide kids into maturity and good stewardship. That’s why we address planning form the perspective of helping kids grow into inheritances responsibly, working to the extent possible to ensure no one can ever sneak in and steal your legacy from them. We also know that many families have kids with special medical or developmental needs, increasing the level of care those kids need to live a rich life that helps them reach their potential.
  • Estate planning for cyclists & endurance athletes. Cycling is a deep and abiding passion for us. Odds are if we’re not in the office, we could very well be out riding the road or pounding the trails. We’ve both ridden many “century” rides (rides of 100 miles or more), we’ve done a fair bit of bike racing, and we generally geek out on bikes and things bike-related. Cyclists and other endurance athletes have special planning considerations we address when we do estate planning for them.
  • Planning for entrepreneurs. We love the entrepreneurial spirit. In fact, we have it ourselves. The passion and drive required to launch a business is contagious, but we know first hand that the startup and operation of an enterprise can be daunting.  We enjoy helping business owners structure their business for success and help them stay on track through the lifecycle of the business.
  • Estate planning for car enthusiasts and collectors. Collectible vehicles are unusual assets that require special planning attention. Not only do they often represent significant financial value, they also are the object of great sentimental passion for the owner. We help vehicle enthusiasts think through the aspects of making sure their special vehicles receive special attention in their plans.
  • Planning for doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals. Medical professionals have planning needs different from many other kinds of folks. They often work long, difficult hours, carry a great deal of stress, are often very entrepreneurial, and have a lot of legal liability exposure. We work with surgeons, family doctors, dentists, nurses & nurse practitioners, and other medical professionals to structure estate, asset protection, and business plans that make sense.

These are just a few of the special types of planning we do for individuals and families. We have found that every client has an interesting story, and that story is an essential part of their legacy. We want to connect with you, learn your story, and work with you to create a plan that secures your legacy both today and for the future.