Your wealth is more than money. It’s a story.

It’s easy to measure wealth in terms of money. It’s easy to quantify. But your wealth is much more than your balance sheet. It has a history, a story. We believe it has a soul. Because it just didn’t magically appear. It was earned. Built. It’s part of who you are—a story full of purpose, hope, and opportunity. Along the way, there has been a cost associated with the accumulation of that wealth—time away from family, sweat, tears, sleepless nights. It was, is, and must be infused with purpose to create something that lasts, creating something bigger than yourself. No matter the particulars of its journey, it is part of your unique story.

And it is your story that we dedicate ourselves to discover, embrace, and nurture, ensuring a legacy that lives on. Regardless of where you are on your journey in life, there is much of the story left to be told—now and for future generations.

Here’s how we help you turn your story into your legacy.

Authenticity reveals truth.

You are not defined by your wealth, but it is an important element in your life. Our calling and passion are to discover your story to ensure that what you have built creates a meaningful difference in the lives of those that you care for—a story that will echo long into the future.

The process of discovery requires a holistic approach as we seek to understand your wealth beyond your balance sheet. There is no substitute for careful application of the law in creating sound strategies that achieve measurable outcomes. But we also believe there are some critical intangibles that distinguish us – namely, our emotional investment, creativity, curiosity, and the conviction that we are doing good for the families that have placed their sacred trust in us.

Matthew McClintock and Jonathan Mintz

Crafting a legacy.

Being your partner in the creation of your multi-generational legacy requires more than passion and creativity. Our team possesses deep knowledge of multi-jurisdictional Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Legacy Preservation, and International Tax Planning law.

We apply our knowledge with relentless curiosity and creativity, to help turn your wealth into an enduring story.

Crafting A Legacy team photo

(Creating) Order from Chaos.

Great affluence often means complexity and chaos. Significant wealth creates tremendous opportunity, but often requires great attention. Because your story isn’t the same as anyone else’s story, the solutions that are right for you aren’t off-the-rack solutions. Together, we move through three phases that are designed to discover and breathe life into your vision, solidifying your legacy for generations to come.


Discovery, Analysis, & Strategic Design

The first phase of our relationship allows us to fully understand you, your story, and your resources, and build a comprehensive blueprint of solutions uniquely tailored to you. We analyze your financial data, examine all your relevant existing planning, and engage in multiple rounds of discovery to design, stress test, refine, and quantify the impact of the most compelling combinations of strategies that we believe will achieve your goals.



Strategy Refinement & Implementation

After we know what we’re building, this is where we build it. When we understand the essence of your story and we’ve designed the framework to support it, this is where discovery becomes action and your legacy comes to life.



Legacy Support & Operational Assistance

Anything worth building doesn’t automatically stay “built.” Tailored solutions have to stay tailored as your life, your wealth, your story–and the world–moves forward. We seek to be your partners in the continued success of your family’s legacy, supporting and reinforcing your legacy, working to ensure the highest level of success.



Their down-to-earth nature made them the perfect fit for us. The depth of their expertise gave us real confidence that we created a plan ideally suited for our family.

J. & R. R.

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