Our Practice Philosophy

We’re a boutique law firm dedicated to thoughtful, creative, and sophisticated tax, estate, and asset protection for our clients. We believe in privacy and protection, and those values come through in our planning solutions. We believe you should have the freedom to control your property and your decisions so long as you’re able, and that it should be extremely hard for someone to ever interfere with that.

We are passionate about helping individuals and families make a lasting impact through comprehensive and carefully-tailored planning. We believe in the power and value of those legacies, and we create them through a collaborative, educational approach with you.

We also love where we work—in the mountains of Colorado and Southern California—and the people we work with. We are published authors, educators, and nationally recognized presenters in our areas of expertise. We are curious and relentless learners, avid cyclists, wine enthusiasts, travelers, and family people.

Your legacy plan should not only handle all the technical legal stuff that happens in life; it should be a reflection of who you are as a person and it should embody your unique values and goals. Let us help you create your legacy today.

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